#HashtagSelfie #PMHT Competition and win £100, $160 or €130 – SHOW US YOUR HASHTAG FINGERS


The competition is to show us your hashtag fingers #HashtagSelfie in a creative way, place or any way that you want, but please do it in a good, positive or fun way.

Show us your hashtag fingers #HashtagSelfie in a creative way and win £100, $160 or €130. Only posts with the #HashtagSelfie #PMHT will be accepted as an entry.


To enter do one of the following:

1. Post it on our Twitter page at marked with #HashtagSelfie #PMHT


2. Post it on our Facebook page at marked with #HashtagSelfie #PMHT


3. Send it to

The winner will be chosen on June 8th 2014 @7pm London @8pm Copenhagen

We may repost the best #HashtagSelfie #PMHT pics on our oither social media including Instagram and Pinterest.


Good luck and show us your best #HashtagSelfie #PMHT



#PARDONMYHASHTAG or #PMHT has been a major success.
#PMHT is rapidly becoming part of the global language. It’s a great way of saying sorry for hashtag usage, hashtag dumping and general hashtag use. After just seven days since the term was created, it is well on the way to entering the global language. It is already in many of the slang dictionaries and has been submitted to the Collins English dictionary.