Our Mission



Hashtags are becoming part of the global language. They are used to express opinions, pass on messages, and sell adverts through the backdoor.

Unfortunately, with this rapid growth in hashtag use, has also come a rapid growth in hashtag dumping and mis-use.  Look away for a second, and someone who you hardly know will be dumping #BuyMyStuff or #ArentIGreat on your webpage, social site or forum. We at #PARDONMYHASHTAG are focussed on creating hashtag decorum and we are driving this change with our hashtag.

#PMHT, which is an abbreviation for #PARDONMYHASHTAG.  When dumping random hashtags on your own site, or on the property of others, simply adding #PMHT at the end of the message makes it a lot more acceptable.

In just 5 days, #PMHT has entered slang dictionaries and has been submitted to national dictionaries as a legitimate term. It’s all over the social media and all over the internet. It’s use is growing exponentially, and we are confident that it will very soon be as common as ‘LOL’.

We’d like you to help us create the next big hashtag.  Please enter our competition  and help #PARDONMYHASHTAG find the next BIG hashtag.  #ThanksAMillion #PMHT

Hashtag Competition

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