Pardonmyhashtag started off as a bit of fun, but it now has taken on a life of it’s own. What began as a whimsical gesture has now become part of urban slang, used by the young as a statement of cool and by the old as a method of youthfulness.

With hashtags becoming more and more prevalent, they often can be interpreted as necessary or irrelevant. Adding #PMHT to your own hashtags softens the blow and says ‘hey I’m sorry for dumping my hashtags on you‘.


#PMHT is often added to really long hashtags as a bit of fun, for example:

Quote: “I didn’t see you out last night, were you really there? #okiadmititisawthatyouwerethereanddisappearedbefore youspottedme #pmht”

or maybe just at the end of some of your own hashtags:

Quote: “Are you playing football on Saturday #Sports #Saturday #pmht”

#PMHT is not only part of urban slang, broadly used across social media, but it is actually widely acknowledged more and more, not only by slang and urnan dictionaries, but traditional dictionaries too. It just seems that it’s only a matter of time until #pmht is as commonly used as ‘lol’ or ‘omg’.


Well, it’s been a great journey in creating the next big word in the English language and we would really hope that you use it as much as is possible #wereallywouldlikethat #yourock #pmht